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Review: – Web based video chat with up to 20 people at once for free

Tokbox is a easy and great way to start video chatting with your friends, send video messages through email or videoconferencing. Tokbox is a web based service that allows you to connect with up to 20 people using their free service. Tokbox also has a downloadable desktop application (for Windows and Mac) that will allow you to make and receive calls without being to logged into the site.

Creating an account is about as easy as it gets. Its a simple short form that ask for your basic information, name, email and password then presto! Nothing is more annoying than wasting 10 minutes filling out pointless personal information just to create an account for a service that you just want to test out.

Once you have got that out of the way, you are ready to start searching for contacts from your Instant Messenger, email contacts and you can even import your friends from Facebook. Read the rest of this entry