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Hide your photos and other files using TrueCrypt

TrueCrypt Encryption Software

TrueCrypt encryption software is an easy and secure way to encrypt your sensitive files. If you have pictures, movies or other files that you want hidden on your computer for what ever reason, then you definitely want to use this software.

Watch my video on how to use TrueCrypt to learn how to setup the software to start hiding your files. Enjoy!

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What’s your experience with Norton?

How about this for a deal? I will sell you my antivirus software for $59.95 for a one year license. Now everything is running fine then BAM! You get hit with malware that it can not remove. So what do you do? You call technical support right? I mean, you paid for my product and a worm got through so now you’re a little frustrated. So you call me up and tell me your situation. I say sure I can take care of that for you, but it’s going to cost you an extra $100. We go back and forth cause you feel you shouldn’t have to pay more money to have me (the technical support guy) do what the software should have done in the first place.  Right? So you decide to purchase it because you have very important files on there that you need for work the next day. So I process your payment and clean it up. Once again everything is fine and dandy. So now a week has gone by then BAM! You get hit again. You call up the tech support tell them your situation and what do they tell you? “Sorry that last cleaning was only warrantied for 7 days. You will need to purchase the service again for another $100”. Read the rest of this entry