Whats Your Next Move Netflix?

Netflix isn’t all that its cracked up to be, in my opinion. The streaming side of Netflix hosts old and B class content that just is not that appealing to me. They recently removed the DVD rental service and started Qwikster and even though thats where the better content is, you still have to wait for the DVD to come through the mail. I find it much easier to just go to a Redbox kiosk and get what you need there. I dont watch many movies so price wise it makes more sense, as long as I remember to take the movies back on time!

I’ve been hearing some talk on the internet about Amazon purchasing Netflixs’ video streaming service and it sounds like that would be a good idea for us consumers. Amazon would have more leverage to work out better deals with content providers such as Time Warner, 20th Century Fox, Paramount and others since they are already in the door and selling their product. 

One thing that I have been wondering about since the announcement of Qwikster is, why did they go ahead and announce this but not have it ready? Im sure we can all agree that video streaming is the future of how we watch movies and TV shows and that it will take some time before it takes over traditional cable and satalite providers, but why did Netflix divide the two services to begin with? Is there something bigger in the pipelines, or are they trying to get into position to make a bigger move?

I guess we can speculate until we are blue in the face what Netflix will do. I’m ready to cut the cord on my cable provider and make that transition to online video.


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