Blog Archives – Combine your web profiles in one place.

Flavors.meI have been searching for a way to combine all of my online profiles in one location then finally I came across With you can do just that. You can add your youtube account, facebook, twitter, wordpress, flickr and many others. This is a great way to share your presence from around the web in one location that you can send to friends, family or whoever you would like to share your sites with.

What does is it aggregates all of your content from the sites that you select and allow it to connect to then it displays your content in to your page. When you go to activate your services like youtube, flickr and twitter, those services will prompt you to allow access from much like the way Facebook does. Read the rest of this entry


Facebooks New Open Graph API

I have been reading a lot about what was discussed at Facebooks f8 Confernece and I am having trouble trying to figure out how I feel about it all. For those that haven’t heard what it was about or don’t quite understand it, I will explain.

Facebook just announced Facebook Connect is being completely replaced by the new Open Graph API (Application Programming Interface. This allows one application to connect and share data/info with another application). What this means is that now other websites can get information from Facebook and are able to keep that info indefinitely, before it was only 24 hours. Facebook has created social plugins for websites to add to thier source code that will allow people to interact with their Facebook contacts on third party sites. You can now see which friends “Like” what while you are browsing the web. So you might go to and see that your friends activity on movies. These social plugins are available to anyone who wants to put them on their website. This can be used on eCommerce sites, restaurants, blogs/news sites and others. Read the rest of this entry

Will Myspace ever make it back to the top?

I was looking at Alexa’s stats for top sites and they list Facebook at #3 in the US and also the world. Myspace is listed #5 in the US and #11 in the world.  Facebook passed up Myspace in unique visits at the end of the 4th quarter in 2008 and the numbers has been growing ever since

So now that everybody seems to be ditching Myspace for Facebook to stay in-touch with friends and relatives, what will the plans be to keep Myspace from completely falling by the wayside? Read the rest of this entry