What’s your experience with Norton?

How about this for a deal? I will sell you my antivirus software for $59.95 for a one year license. Now everything is running fine then BAM! You get hit with malware that it can not remove. So what do you do? You call technical support right? I mean, you paid for my product and a worm got through so now you’re a little frustrated. So you call me up and tell me your situation. I say sure I can take care of that for you, but it’s going to cost you an extra $100. We go back and forth cause you feel you shouldn’t have to pay more money to have me (the technical support guy) do what the software should have done in the first place.  Right? So you decide to purchase it because you have very important files on there that you need for work the next day. So I process your payment and clean it up. Once again everything is fine and dandy. So now a week has gone by then BAM! You get hit again. You call up the tech support tell them your situation and what do they tell you? “Sorry that last cleaning was only warrantied for 7 days. You will need to purchase the service again for another $100”. Read the rest of this entry


Browser Wars: What Internet Browser Are You Using?

Time after time I see people still using Internet Explorer, one of the biggest security risks for the average user. According to NetMarketShare Internet Explorer is the most used browser which is one of the reasons that IE is the most targeted browser to exploit. With its ActiveX, Scripting and it integration with Windows just really makes this a bad choice as your default browser. I personally refuse to try out any new versions of IE because of these reasons so I will discuss the others that I have used in the past.

The browser wars are still going on. Netscape finally dropped out a few years back but the rest of the competition won’t be going any where for some time. I’ve covered my top 3 browsers. Read the rest of this entry

Facebooks New Open Graph API

I have been reading a lot about what was discussed at Facebooks f8 Confernece and I am having trouble trying to figure out how I feel about it all. For those that haven’t heard what it was about or don’t quite understand it, I will explain.

Facebook just announced Facebook Connect is being completely replaced by the new Open Graph API (Application Programming Interface. This allows one application to connect and share data/info with another application). What this means is that now other websites can get information from Facebook and are able to keep that info indefinitely, before it was only 24 hours. Facebook has created social plugins for websites to add to thier source code that will allow people to interact with their Facebook contacts on third party sites. You can now see which friends “Like” what while you are browsing the web. So you might go to IMDb.com and see that your friends activity on movies. These social plugins are available to anyone who wants to put them on their website. This can be used on eCommerce sites, restaurants, blogs/news sites and others. Read the rest of this entry

McAfee Update Causes Kentucky’s Police and Schools Computers to Crash

McAfee Total ProtectionToday will be a busy day in Kentucky for those who received the update from McAfee that infected Windows XP machines with SP2 and SP3. This update caused McAfee Total Protection to delete the svchost.exe and then starts to detect false positives in itself which causes unexpected reboots and loss of network usage.

McAfee pulled the 5958 DAT file from their update server so no one else will be affected. McAfee’s support site is down at this time but they offered link to a different site that talks about this update in more detail and offers solutions and workarounds. Read the rest of this entry

AT&T Steps Up To Google With A Letter To The FCC

ATT vs GoogleAT&T Senior VP sent a letter to the FCC stating that Googles’ Google Voice is blocking a range of phone numbers that are associated with “adult sex chat lines” and “free” conferencing calling services to avoid high access charges. The problem is they also blocked other businesses such as: ambulance service, church, bank, law firm, automobile dealer, day spa, orchard, health clinic, tax preparation service and so on, with phone numbers in that range (0000 – 9999).

It will be interesting to see what the FCC will do about this considering Google claims that Google Voice is a software product and not a carrier and they are under Net Neutrality and not the FCC jurisdiction. Either way I think Google needs to refine what numbers are being blocked.

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Winamp and Internet Radio

Winamp RadioThis video will show you how you can use winamp to play internet radio stations from sites like ShoutCast and live365.com. Also learn how to edit your playlist (M3U) files. Listen to all types of genres with less than half the amount of commercials than your local radio stations.  Also the audio quality is much better than what you get from your standard broadcast radio stations.

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Basics of speeding up your PC

This is my first video in a few years. I will now start uploading videos relating to computer repair. I have been repairing computers for several years and and have found that there are a lot of things that people can do on there own with just a little guidance to save them a trip to the shop and also save them the much needed cash.

This video is just about a couple of the steps that you can take to speed up your PC.

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Buy.com, Orbitz, And Other Sites Is Scamming Us With Webloyalty

Everybody has heard about people getting scammed from some, possibly iffy sites, but now it seems as if nobody can be trusted. More popular sites like Buy.com and Orbitz apparently approve of a service from a company called Webloyalty that pays these companys to buy your credit card information with your “approval”.

All over the internet you here about people complaining about charges showing up on their monthly credit card statements. I think it was roughly $10 a month. Read the rest of this entry